Project Description

कब्ज ,पाण्डुरोग ,अग्निमांध,आम,पुराना अजीर्ण-रोग,ग्रहणी,जीर्णज्वर,उदररोग,प्लीहा वृद्धि,पेट के कृमि,सूजन आदि को दूर करता है।नियमित सेवन से संपूर्ण शरीर की शुद्धि कर दीर्घायुष्य प्रदान करता है ।

(1)Product Name :- Harde churna
(2)Quantity :- 100 g.
(3)Direction For Use :- 2 to 6 g. at night or morning empty stomach with lukewarm water ( Dose depends upon age, weight & illness of the individuals). OR Use as directed by physician.
Note :- Do not take milk 2 hr. before & 2 hr. after medicine.
(4)Benefits :- Harad churna increases apetite,memory,delays aging and regulate peristalsis.
Therefore useful in anorexia,indigestion,gas trouble,constipation,sprue,piles,worm infestation,jaundice,liver,spleen,heart & skin disease.
Also used in cough, hiccough & asthma.
(5)Main Ingredients :- Terminalia Chebula (Harad)